So-Jet Co., Ltd is a marketing company for the IT industry integration. We deeply believe that with excellent science and technology and talented person in Taiwan, matching with greatly Chinese productivity, if can combine the technique marketing of neighboring country Japan and Korea, it can not fail to spread out a more abundant worth chain benefit, this is exactly the purpose that our company establishes.

Face the situation of foreign country cooperation, Taiwanese manufacturers usually fail to reach Japanese market because of culture difference and the dissimilarity of market characteristic, . However, our company have many experience on the OEM/ODM project with Japanese customers.  We still believe in the future, integration and exchanges would be the trend of the region in Asia, and we also believe it can promote Taiwanese industry competition ability only and thus, creating better business opportunities.

Therefore, our company adheres to "innovation", "service" and "dependable" spirit, aggressively cooperate with foreign colleague and manufacturer's different industry inside the country to form alliance, having already controlled part of Japanese thoroughfares and OEM piping currently, hoping that we can create a pair of cooperation chance to win together with other Taiwanese manufacturers.

"Innovation"---Only to create constantly can obtain a continuous chance. We combine the most quick market information with constantly creativity to create the value of information.

"service"---Along with the fast change of market, the core value of the product is gradually next in importance, and the value added service is to make final bid a key. 
Our company adheres to service spirit to work together with our cooperation crew member.

 "dependable"--We don't crave for greatness and success but expect make perfect performance for each case by our experience and intelligence.