As a result of rapid development of technology, latest information becomes available at lightening speed. These days, we are gearing into the era of “Information Technology” economy. However, information is not always ready-to-use. It has to be sifted before it can put into good use. We are a group of people who believe that information should be integrated to our everyday life.

In the era of Information Technology, the boundaries among different countries are less visible. The perspective of “market” is global instead of local.  When facing international competitions and cultural challenges, the final victory goes to the one who possess the right information.

There are numerous IT merchandises available to the public. However, if they do not meet or create the demand of the consumers, the end of their fate could be premature.

So-Jet is a team that is willing to and capable of facing the challenges from international competitions. We believe that “Wisdom” is a combination of “Knowledge” and “Experience”, “Originality“ is the result from all sources of “Wisdom”, “Information” is created by “Innovation”, and “Knowledge” and “Experience” is driven by “Information”.


Utilization of information gives meaning to technology advancement. Our mission at So-Jet is to integrate the Wisdom of IT members from all over the world to create more competitive IT merchandises that meet the demands of the markets and eventually improve and enrich our living standards in this new era.